How to Branch Out to the Fashion Community & Network

Branch Out to the Fashion Community & Network

Branching out in any community regardless of what the focus is can be daunting, anxiety ridden, and full of risks you couldn’t have even prepared for in advance. While this isn’t a promise that we can make reaching out a piece of cake, we can ensure that you’ll have a few tricks up your fashionable sleeves before you take the big jump into the fashion community.

Fashion Community Tip #1. Curate Influences

You choose who to follow and when you make those careful decisions, you’re influencing the content you see everyday. If you follow a bunch of random successful bloggers for inspiration that don’t inspire you, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and asking what’s wrong with you when there’s nothing wrong at all, only the people you decided to follow! Carefully choose exactly who you want to see on a daily basis because those visuals will not only inspire you but it’s going to impact your life. By choosing to follow people who aren’t on the same level as you can lead to feeling depressed or even having your ego inflated to the point that you’ll just plateau.

#2. Reach Out

Reaching out entails a lot more than it implies, but we have to say that if you just do it and go for it, it will pay off. When you reach out to the community you want to have an impact on, the best thing you can do is just go for it. Don’t wait and shy away from opportunities, go out there and speak your mind and channel that inner confidence in any situation. Don’t be ashamed of the hard work you’ve put into your craft.

#3. Connect & Reconnect

Connecting with people, keeping up good conversations, planning coffee meet ups are great first steps towards forming connections and friendships that will hopefully last forever, but a great way to really push yourself and ease into this new social aspect of your fashion blog building, is to focus on reconnecting. Reconnecting is something you can do first to ease yourself into the process, reach out to old college friends who had the same interests as you, connect with them and use those friendships to share your influence and create amazing things together!

#4. Take Risks

Taking a step off the ledge when it comes to your career is almost always necessary. You can’t just put only half of your effort into building your career and your new fashion blog, you need to be able to evaluate the situation and jump when you have to. Taking a risk is the only way you can reap the biggest rewards. If you fail your first try, which is normal, or even the first few tries, just try again, that’s what will make you different, your perseverance. Learn and adapt.

#5. Follow Up

Following up with the connections you make when you start networking is key to long term success. Even something as simple as an email thank you note to scheduling a brunch to catch up on goals and career directions. Contact people in your social circle to be a guest on your blog or collaborate in a way that helps both of you succeed. Whatever is comfortable to you and keeps you in contact with the people you meet in your community will help you create a support system that will always be there.

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