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    How to Connect with your Audience on a Real Level


    #1. Giveaway Host a giveaway! Whether you’re giving away something from your favorite brand or a piece of clothing you DIY’d, the possibilities are endless and allow you to really grow your audience, as well as providing incentive to really get some engagement you wouldn’t normally get. This is a great way and opportunity to […] More

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    Why Quality Over Quantity Works Best in the Fashion Community


    We’ve heard the phrase, “Quality over quantity” time and time again, but is it really the way to go when you’re trying to get your foot in the door with no experience while facing the fashion community head on? We’re here to walk you through three key points to remember, discussing the importance of why […] More

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    How to Branch Out to the Fashion Community & Network

    Branch Out to the Fashion Community & Network

    Branching out in any community regardless of what the focus is can be daunting, anxiety ridden, and full of risks you couldn’t have even prepared for in advance. While this isn’t a promise that we can make reaching out a piece of cake, we can ensure that you’ll have a few tricks up your fashionable […] More

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    You Need to Read this Before Starting a Fashion Blog


    What Do You Want To Accomplish? This should be the very first thing you ask yourself. If you have a dream of running a fashion blog that showcases your style and what you love, ask yourself “why”! Before you even start thinking about a name for your brand, you need to have a solid base […] More

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    How to Become a Fashion Blogger: Building Your Social Media & Aesthetic


    In the next part of the Becoming A Fashion Blogger series, we’re going to be focusing on the importance of building your social media and really focusing on your unique aesthetic. These five tips range from simple to advanced tactics that will take some time to implement into your social media presence. Take them in […] More

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    How to Become a Fashion Blogger: Finding Your Style


    Defining your personal style is the very first thing you need to focus on if you want to jump into the fashion blogger community. Having a strong sense of self will be developed the more you put yourself out there, but having a strong sense of your style is something that you should have a […] More