How to Connect with your Audience on a Real Level


#1. Giveaway

Host a giveaway! Whether you’re giving away something from your favorite brand or a piece of clothing you DIY’d, the possibilities are endless and allow you to really grow your audience, as well as providing incentive to really get some engagement you wouldn’t normally get. This is a great way and opportunity to keep that back and forth going, connect with your followers. While sometimes giveaways seem shallow, if done right, they can give you a chance to really give back to the people who support you and further that strong bond!

#2. Story Time

Share a bit about yourself, not just random facts, but if you’re comfortable share and dedicate blogs to expressing stories that have happened in your life. Think of all the events that have happened in our life and really evaluate if you feel they would be beneficial to share, not only will your audience most likely relate on some level to your tales, but it will also help show who you really are as a person, instead of just a computer screen! Even if your story doesn’t have to do with fashion, dive into it and talk about how you feel it’s made you who you are today, tell what you’ve learned, and discuss your confidence now and moving forward. Because who you are is just as important as the clothes you wear.

#3. Q&A

Start up a monthly Q & A session on social media, not only will it give your audience a chance to ask questions they’ve been dying to know, but it will also show that you’re trying to connect and get closer with the people who are always there for you! You’ll have the chance to expand your reach on social media platforms while getting to know your growing fans. This is almost a must if you want to maintain that growth you’ll receive as you get bigger and bigger on your platform!

#4. Call To Action

When it comes to connecting more with your audience, just ask. There shouldn’t be any shame in reaching out 1 on 1 with your audience. At the end of every blog post, engage with your audience, ask them a question that relates back to the original point of the post. You can either make sure to communicate and respond to comments that engage with that call to action, or you can create a weekly blog post that features some of the top comments left on that blog! No matter what way you go about it, having an engaging closing to each of your blogs will entice your audience to react and share their own thoughts.

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Written by Sarah Johnson

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