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Fashion Accessories That Looks Great On These Bloggers!

Check these out before Summer Is over!

We know there’s tons and tons of fashion accessories out there, but we’ve come across these items that we think looks great on these bloggers! To some people, it may not be for them, but to these fashion bloggers, they’ll find a way to rock them, and they executed it very well! This is why we think these bloggers deserve some attention, simply, because they know how to rock it!

#1. Watches

Starting off with something classic that brightens up any outfit and adds a bit of minimalist detail, a watch from the Christian Paul Grid Collection ($199). This watch has a white band with beautiful gold detailing, and the details are simple enough that you could easily pair this with any summer outfit! We love how Lizzie In Lace styled this watch with a very girly OOTD that shows just how much she loves the season.


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