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Where To Find The Hottest & Most Affordable Sunglasses

We’ve gathered up, from least expensive to most, some of the most affordable sunglasses that are trending this season. We’re almost at an end when it comes to this season, but that doesn’t mean the sun stops shining in the meantime. We always need the option of some stylish shades, because believe it or not, sunglasses can be the cherry on top when it comes to a finished look!

Will you be rocking some of these shades?

Hottest & Affordable Sunglasses: #1. ALDO

These cat eye Qilalla ($16) shades are some of the most stunning glasses we’ve seen. They’re shown here in a classic pink and gold hue that complements any summer tan beautifully, but if pink isn’t your first choice, they come in four other colors! These metallic shades go a long way when it comes to their style and the combination of the great price, what a steal! If you’re more drawn to a more classic shape, we’ve got you covered there too! These Banzola ($16) shades take the latest glasses trend and creates something classic and modern, you have to try them!



#2. ASOS

Stepping it up a notch and heading to the twenty dollar range, we found these amazing aviator styled AJ Morgan Sunglasses ($19), perfect for any face shape, these glasses work to bring out your features and frame your face! Of course we had to also include a wildcard of sorts by adding these Yellow Colored Lenses ($19) to the mix!




Moving up to the sixty dollar range, which is still quite affordable for a designer brand, these Fleur glasses by Quay ($60) really make an impact, once again with the rose gold, but this time with added art deco frames! We also have to spotlight these very bold but neutral shades, Gilles by Komono ($120)! They have a classic shape but the tortoiseshell is much more bright than a traditional brown and black!



#4. SEE

These bold 70s styled shades are the hottest thing on the market, they are designer shades that price at ninety nine dollars and they are well worth it because of how stunning they are. They’re in the shade of Havana Amber with a slight gradient. They frame most face shapes stunningly and while they are pushing the wallet a bit more than our ALDO favorites, if you like this look you’re not going to find it anywhere else. These SEE 6600 Sun ($99) shades are the only cateye sunglasses you need this season!



#5. Neiman Marcus

Closing out with some options that are over a hundred dollars, you’re not only going to get designer shades, but you’re also going to get some of the hottest label trends this season. We selected two options that have their very own unique style, you’re bound to find one that you love! Starting off with a pair of Marc Jacobs Mirrored Aviators ($130), we love this option not only because of the simplicity, but also because the style is an ode to the early 90s! Lastly, a pair of Tory Burch Gradient Aviators ($165) are next up! These shades come in brown for a more classic feel that goes with everything, and of course a rose gold!


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