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Our Top 20 Jewelry Designers For August

The art of design that goes into jewelry is extremely understated, which is why we thought it would be beneficial for all to share our favorite Jewelry Designers for August. These individuals present a range of work that’s handmade, beautiful, and the values of quality come along with every individual piece. Whether you want something simple or all out fun, you’ll find all your accessorizing needs! Make a statement with what you wear and pay attention to detail, because that’s what creates an iconic look that makes a difference.

Jewelry Designers #1. Sarah & Sebastian


Sarah & Sebastian have created a cult following that reflects the dedication and design they put into each and every piece they put out in their store. With a heavy artistic influence, these creators appreciate the quality behind modernity.

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#2. Aoko Su


Created by Ashley Jerman, Aoko Su reflects the simplicity that can be found among the chaos in NYC. With a focus on contemporary urban design, Jerman never fails to disappoint with strong direction.

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#3. Annelise Michelson


This jewelry company based in Paris presents a new take on classic statement pieces. Pulling from the nature around them, theydesign collections that bring modern culture meets old world nature into one piece of wearable art.

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#4. Lingua Nigra


A self named brand, this indie jewelry company pushes the rhetoric of being born creative. Constantly coming out with new designs, you’ll always be up to date on all the latest trends!

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#5. Young Frankk


Everything you could possibly need, including all the latest jewelry news you can find at Young Frankk! Their designs are fun and quirky and will always keep you guessing!

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#6. Mineralogy


Everything they create is unique, once you buy it, you’re the only one who has that piece of work. It’s a miniature piece of art you can wear and use to express your style, so don’t miss out.

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#7. Tom Tom


Tom Tom was created by Elena Howell, who works as an architect and has a passion for wearable design. She’s taken these two influences to create something memorable.

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#8. Amarilo


With a huge drive when it comes to redefining classic jewelry for the modern woman, Amarilo constantly works to change the current social climate with their designs.

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#9. Jennie Kwon Designs


Los Angeles based jewelry designer, Jennie Kwon has created a movement that embraces differences in all women and uses her jewelry to reflect that sentiment!

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#10. J Hannah


Starting her love of jewelry because of her vintage pieces being handed down from her grandmother, Jess Hannah knew right away that this was her goal. To create timeless pieces of jewelry that would leave a legacy.

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#11. Caitlyn Minimalist


We had to include a bit of personalization and we carefully chose Caitlyn Minimalist because of her delicate touch and her ability to create personalized pieces that don’t look tacky or cheap!

More info: Instagram: @caitlynminimalist

#12. Persephone Vintage


This curator boutique believes in creating a sense of sustainability and quality, putting down the fast fashion industry, as well as having fun with how you accessorize!

More info: Etsy Shop

#13. Martine Ali


Martine Ali sees her creations as a canvas, not only a space to create something new and different, but the process of creating is what inspires Ali to push forward with her brand. You’ll be blown away by the quality she presents to her customers!

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#14. Nuuk Designs


They find their inspiration in modern simplicity, focusing on giving women an option to enhance their attitudes and offers trendy styles. This is their essence they constantly speak about and it’s obvious they stay true to their mission.

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#15. Elizabeth Stone


If you love to accessorize with pieces of jewelry that look like they belong on a woman who’s walking along a beach at sunset, this is the brand for you!

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#16. Kittenette


The overall brand that creates a jewelry and home decor line called ‘iluxo’’, presents playful designs that will just melt your heart.

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#17. Mica Peet


Focusing on laser cut patterns and designs, Mica Peet pushes the limits of statement pieces. From their animal collection full of bold colors to their rose gold art deco designs, you’ll fall in love with what they have to offer.

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#18. Amoorella


The ultimate Instagram hotspot for all the latest jewelry trends, except these pieces are all handmade with care instead of fast fashion cheap rip offs! From chokers to charms, you’ll be splurging on these creations soon enough!

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#19. Not Tuesday


Not Tuesday, a brand who creates bold artistic and colorful designs using bright colors and shocking shapes. They’re unexpected and their compositions will be sure to change the way you think about accessories.

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#20. Au Rate


Au Rate believes in fair prices for quality jewelry that make women feel beautiful and confident. What else could you possibly want?

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