Why Quality Over Quantity Works Best in the Fashion Community


We’ve heard the phrase, “Quality over quantity” time and time again, but is it really the way to go when you’re trying to get your foot in the door with no experience while facing the fashion community head on? We’re here to walk you through three key points to remember, discussing the importance of why quality is more important than the quantity.

Fashion Community Tip #1. Take It Slow

It often takes days to plan each piece you want to create, more than just writing goes into the work, and focusing on the quantity of blogs you put out will lessen the overall value of your hard work. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to compete with people who have been working on their brand since 2008, it’s not worth it and it’s a rookie mistake that people have been doing for a very long time. While yes, the internet is in a 24/7 cycle, things come and go as quick as a snap. But if you put the necessary time and effort into a quality blog post that offers information and beneficial/exciting reading to your audience, your work will be shared and stay alive more than just sitting there among 50 articles that spread out the message of just one.

#2. Explore Your “Quality”

Exploring your quality essentially means: starting. Just by starting you’re already putting yourself out there, and it shouldn’t be a rushed process. By not having a ton of direct attention yet since you’re in the process of building your brand, you’ll have time to really see what works for you, what looks great on the site, and what really does well. Explore different styles and what is comfortable for your workload, this is the key time to explore with your editorials!

#3. Natural Growth

The key to blogging within any community, especially in the fashion community, is to focus on natural growth. Provide articles and work that really does benefit the community you’re striving to be a part of. Once you get the hang of the direction you want to go in and the work you are proud of, from there the possibilities start to pop up more and more the longer you put in, the more amount of work. You’ll have the option later down the road to success to expand your business which will then take that natural growth you’ve been working towards and expanding the quantity in a more sustainable way that does not diminish the level of quality. This is key as you move forward, don’t rush the progress.

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