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The Top 5 Brands Where You Can Find Trendy & Cheap Hats


Hats are in! Hats are always a great item to incorporate into your summer wardrobe when you start getting into the late summer months. When you begin to feel a chill in the air in the next few months, a great way to showcase your versatility and on-trend attitude to the fashion community is by rocking some hats that really complement the seasonal wardrobe you’ve been sporting already. Plus if you have a bad hair day, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve collected a list of the most trend worthy hats that are also easy on the wallet, so which will you be rocking this month?

Trendy and Cheap Hats: #1. Mango

One of the first hats we saw on Mango was this beautiful nude Embroidered Message Cap ($10)! This hat is sporty and still pays an ode to the sew-on patch trend we’ve been seeing over and over again this summer. But instead of patches all over the hat, they stick with a simple one in the front, so even when the patches trend goes out of style, this piece will still live on with it’s timeless design. They also have other hats as well, we absolutely love this Bicolor Straw Hat ($13), which has been extremely in style this summer!


#2. H&M

This Captain’s Cap ($18) comes in a variety of colors, but we’re dying for the burgundy hue which works in both summer and fall, this is a must have for these upcoming months! Taking a different turn, have you seen this beautiful iridescent baseball cap? This Shimmering Cap ($18) is perfect for anyone looking for a hat that’s fresh and unique!


#3. Nordstrom

We stumbled upon this Rose Gold Metallic Cap ($16), it’s a beautiful bright shade of rose gold and is a relaxed fit, bringing two vastly different worlds together in one statement piece! From Nordstrom, we also found this amazing Velvet Baseball Cap ($26) that would be perfect for someone who wants to keep it simple!


#4. Top Shop

After looking through all of what Topshop has to offer, we fell in love with three different hats from their various collections! This Washed Cotton Cap ($18) in a light dusty pink color aka millennial pink, a Gem Embellished Denim Cap ($55), and of course this Animal Ear Cap ($28)!

#5. J. Crew

We couldn’t leave out J. Crew! They’ve been known to have lots of great sales and a huge selection when it comes to accessories and of course hats! This classic Panama Hat ($58) is perfect for any summer vacation, and while it might stand out in fall, it does present a ton of wearability even in these last few months of summer. Also this Wide-Brim Geometric ($40) straw hat would be beautiful with a flowing maxi dress on the beach!


#6. Forever 21

Just look at how amazing this adorable Pom Pom Baseball Cap ($15) is in pink! This is the perfect shade to rock if you love the millennial dusty pink trend, this hat hits it right on the head with that trend, not to mention how adorable the hat is in general. It comes in pink or black so make your choice!


#7. ASOS

If you love sun hats, ASOS is the place to go because not only do they have a range of sun hats for everyone, they are so different and unique for a great price! Our top three favorites from their collection are ASOS Natural Straw Visor ($16), the Oversized Straw Floppy Hat ($29) in rose gold, and the ‘Chase The Sun’ Straw Floppy Hat ($20)!

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