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Top 5 Instagram Worthy Travel Destinations & Style Tips

We’ve shifted our focus to highlight the beautiful places travel and fashion bloggers have been jet setting to this summer! Join us and get inspired by these travel vibes! Creative women in the fashion community are making it their mission to help push the quota for innovation, they’re helping to create a movement that makes style come naturally and effortlessly. With that said, let’s give you some Instagram worthy travel destinations where you can plan to visit and flaunt your new found summer style!

#1. Florence, Italy


Florence, Italy, is one of the most popular European destinations, it’s a huge city with amazing views that you’d never get tired of seeing on any Instagram feed. This travel destination would give you some very vintage notions, from the old architecture, to the beautiful Italian language that holds so much history. This travel hub is the hottest spot for artists and creatives alike, you’ll be constantly surrounded by artists new and old. Every block you turn you’ll smell the scent of freshly baked bread and dew covered produce. When you make your way through the city you’ll want to wear a light and easy dress that’s effortless and laid back, just like the locals who go about their day without a worry on their mind. Try an option like the Silence + Noise Stacy Banded Midi Dress to capture that light airy atmosphere.


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