Top Fashion Bloggers: We Found 20 Fashionistas You Should Know In August 2017

Some regulars here and some new, these top fashion bloggers are the reason the fashion community is what it is today. Accepting, innovative, and creative! Without further ado, dive into the amazing and flashy world of these quality fashion bloggers who make the best content you could ever ask for!

Top Fashion Bloggers: #1. A Dash Of Details


Run by Ali Schilling, she commits herself to bettering her lifestyle through travel, her life in Highland Park, and her big family that keeps growing and growing! She shows that motherhood doesn’t have to take away her passion for fashion!

More info: | Instagram: @adashofdetails

#2. Candice Nikeia


Featured in tons of big name publications, this blogger doesn’t let the pressure get to her whatsoever when it comes to her love of fashion and creating the perfect outfit for any occasion. You’re bound to find some fashion inspo for your own life with Candice Nikeia.

More info: | Instagram: @candicenikeia

#3. Style Du Monde


Style Du Monde is a platform created by Acielle, without a doubt the biggest name in the fashion industry when it comes to capturing street styles. This portfolio of work is constantly updated and showcases looks from around the world, you have to check it out!

More info: | Instagram: @styledumonde

#4. My Free Choice


The sport and travel centered looks from My Free Choice have sent us in a serious wanderlust bout. From Africa to Bali, the blogger behind My Free Choice really takes her blog name literally and does what she wants when she wants.

More info: | Instagram: @erika_boldrin

#5. The Native Fox


The Native Fox is unique, stunning, and vastly different than most fashion bloggers. Her style screams underground culture, but she has pushed through till her impact was made on the mainstream fashion community. Jennifer Grace is a force to be reckoned with.

More info: | Instagram: @thenativefox

#6. Gabi Fresh


Gabi Fresh is one of the first influential plus size bloggers that started to make a name for herself back in 2008 once she had started her blog. She started blogging because she wanted representation and it worked, she just has that touch! She disagrees with mainstream fashion and is currently working hard to change the norm.

More info: | Instagram: @gabifresh

#7. Brittany Bathgate


Loving the art of classic cuts and contemporary styles, Brittany Bathgate is pushing the boundaries of her work by starting to elaborate on her own personal style. She’s drawn to more artistic takes on fashion and generally keeps things on the simple side.

More info: | Instagram: @brittanybathgate

#8. Always Judging


She’s been blogging for 5 years now and has curated her style in a way that speaks of her in a unique and beautiful way. From boiler suits to all white jumpsuits, she doesn’t let anything waver her confidence.

More info | Instagram: @alwaysjudging

#9. Double 3xposure


A personal favorite, Reese Blutstein is a fashion blogger who loves inspiring the people around her and coming up with crazy outfits that get people talking!

More info: | Instagram: @double3xposure

#10. The Middle Page


The Middle Page is a personal style blog that showcases what it means to be beautiful at any age. Age is only a number and that shouldn’t influence your love of style! She has a passion for fashion that can’t be stopped!

More info: | Instagram: @themiddlepageblog

#11. Accidental Icon


Another creator that further proves age doesn’t determine your style or love of fashion. The Accidental Icon is literally a fashion icon and her story is just as inspiring as her summer looks!

More info: | Instagram: @iconaccidental

#12. All The Pretty Birds


Tamu was raised in NY and born in Jamaica, she’s a lover of bold colors and unique high fashion pieces being incorporated into her daily life. She always has the highest quality of reviews when it comes to the latest runways!

More info: | Instagram: @tamumcpherson

#13. Glam Up Your Lifestyle


She never lets anyone get in her way when it comes to her style expression, she’ll rock an ACDC tee and leather pants if she wants to!

More info: | Instagram: @glamupyourlifestyle

#14. Taylr Anne


A favorite of ours because of her love of minimalist fashion. Her simple take on fashion expression is unique and is twisted to fit her own lifestyle. She constantly updates her OOTDs and always provides the most knowledgeable information possible about her favorite brands and products!

More info: | Instagram: @taylranne

#15. Kela’s Kloset


Color, color, color! You won’t be able to get enough of this colorful blogger who not only has a bold fashion style, but also travels to some of the most unique locations!

More info: | Instagram: @kelawalker

#16. Look De Pernille


A lover of the millennial pink shade, if you head over to the Look De Pernille blog you’ll see how she transforms latest trends into her own style by simply owning them with confidence. She’s not afraid to try new things it’s that’s utterly inspiring!

More info: | Instagram: @pernilleteisbaek

#17. The 12ish Style


One of the most popular plus size fashion bloggers, she’s constantly trying to use her voice as the change in the fashion community. She’s always pushing for more acceptance and the normalization of curves!

More info: | Instagram: @the12ishstyle

#18. Freddie Harrel


Casual with a twist! Freddie Harrel is the master when it comes to exploring casual takes on daily fashion that’re comfortable and still just as chic, she’s the full package!

More info: | Instagram: @freddieharrel

#19. The Werk Place


Tiffany Battle is the creator behind The Werk Place and as her blog already foretells, she’s the creative genius behind expanding a workplace wardrobe in a stimulatingly inspiring way. She focuses on women and their success through a lens of high fashion and unique style.

More info: | Instagram: @tiffanymbattle

#20. Egg Canvas


A visual journal by Erica Choi, Egg Canvas is a one stop shop for everything from travel, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle! Her luxury experience from her career has made sure she has impeccable taste when it comes to aesthetics and design.

More info: | Instagram: @eggcanvas

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